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look at this fucking obnoxious subject annoying as shit
waste of your time come outside lets do this shit

piece of shit

2013-04-11 09:41:25 by Danish-Person

see me in the Club better bounce

done for now

2012-08-13 13:50:55 by Danish-Person

14 songs per week is a bit much at the moment.
I will still be posting stuff as I see fit

Because of unstable internet I'm gonna change "2 songs per day" to "14 songs per week"
14 per week is just the minimum though, if I feel like writing more songs they'll get uploaded as well
I hope you have been enjoying the music so far, I'm definitely not tired of making the songs I have loads of ideas I want to try out
I've recently fallen in love with quarter tones and I plan on using them more often, should result in some interesting music
If you missed the first two weeks check out "flying trees", "eventually", "awped ;o", "everybody hates you", "i will love you lovingly", "going too far", "eat vegan" and "stealing trash cans". they're the standout tracks so far

been thinking about it for a while and I've decided I'm gonna post 2 new songs on here every day. should be a fun experience I'm hoping to keep it going for at least a month
hope you will enjoy the music there'll be a variety of stuff

cool new songs

2012-07-18 10:31:45 by Danish-Person

come check theem out they're called "drawing in the fridge" and "wires" I think it's some of my best stuff yet
I have some more great stuff sitting but I don't think I'm allowed to post more than 2 per day

cool new songs

i made a new song yesterday go check it out! xDDDD

a new song

2011-01-16 12:48:32 by Danish-Person

yeah i made a new song bitches. chdck it out and let me know what you think nof it and stuff maybe youll even vote or rewvwisedv it
you can also check out my twitter if you want to ll post on there if i make new music or any shit other than music too and other stuff it shoulf be an exciting journety twietter com nub_hat

hi again

2010-06-18 15:58:46 by Danish-Person

i kinda forgot i had a lot of music on here but now im back and im gonna post music again
i hope therell be a few songs you can enjoy :) if you dont know me you can check out some of my old songs theres a few good ones
thanks for reading
-nub hat

you might not know me but i have been making terrible music here for 4-5 years and m still going
if you want me to put your name in my next song just post here in the comments thing or pm me
just tell me what bpm you wanty the song to be in and ill make the song! dont expect anything mindblowingly amazing though
i use fruity loops 5 demo to make these songs its a pretty cool program and i have lots of fun using it :)
i cant post any more songs today as i posted two already but i can post two more the next day and every other day so it shouldnt be a problem

doing requests if you guys want :)