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doing requests if you guys want :)

2009-03-15 08:21:11 by Danish-Person

you might not know me but i have been making terrible music here for 4-5 years and m still going
if you want me to put your name in my next song just post here in the comments thing or pm me
just tell me what bpm you wanty the song to be in and ill make the song! dont expect anything mindblowingly amazing though
i use fruity loops 5 demo to make these songs its a pretty cool program and i have lots of fun using it :)
i cant post any more songs today as i posted two already but i can post two more the next day and every other day so it shouldnt be a problem

doing requests if you guys want :)


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2009-03-15 10:05:57

RedHotPoker is the name my mother gave me when i fell out of her cunt.


2009-08-12 00:30:06

What makes you think I would possibly want my name etched into this Sh!t. I've listened to your audio submissions can I put this? I could sing the entire rick roll song into my mike and it would sound better than this. But since your trying to put horrible music on newgrounds then I would have to say your doing a fantastic job at it. You want a request, fine. I request you put actual effort and make music thats bearable.