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so i got up at 5 am this morning and got a great idea, writing music thingys and posting them here
just put my profile in your favorites or something already so i can deliver these amazingly soothing sounds straight to your ears
ill attempt to post two songs per day for a while and hopefully you guys will enjoy them or at least listen to them a few times then vote 0 and write angry reviews
just think of them as early christmas presents from me :)
ok thats just what i wanted to say im gonna start making the songs now
just keep pressing that f5 thingy ill finish one in 15 mins or so
ok :) thanks for reading this (unless you didnt actually read it)

'@~'@~'@~'@ IDL^nu8_hatv\|rainbowtapping (aka danish-person) @*~@*~@*~@

hi i dunno

2008-08-10 14:58:29 by Danish-Person

i havent posted any stuff like this yet i guess i need to post one or something
hi :)